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As we have friends living in Wales, we usually visit them once a year. Wales has amazing nature, hills, mountains, waterfalls, cliff and beaches which you never get bored. There are also many camping sites. These photos are the ones I have taken while we went for camping and traveled few places within Wales.

The pictures from several different places in Wales.

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Rhaeadr Ewynnolモノクロ写真-01.jpgRhaeadr Ewynnolモノクロ写真-01.jpgLens: Carl Zeiss 50mm F1.4Rhaeadr Ewynnolモノクロ写真-02.jpgRhaeadr Ewynnolモノクロ写真-02.jpgLens: Carl Zeiss 50mm F1.4Tenby Beachモノクロ写真-13.jpgTenby Beachモノクロ写真-13.jpgLens: Carl Zeiss 35mm F2
Caldey Island Bayモノクロ写真-11.jpgCaldey Island Bayモノクロ写真-11.jpgLens: Carl Zeiss 35mm F2Caldey Island overlooking Tenbyモノクロ写真-09.jpgCaldey Island overlooking Tenbyモノクロ写真-09.jpgLens: Carl Zeiss 35mm F2Caldey Island Lighhouseモノクロ写真-12.jpgCaldey Island Lighhouseモノクロ写真-12.jpgLens: Carl Zeiss 35mm F2
Cwm Idwal walkモノクロ写真-06.jpgCwm Idwal walkモノクロ写真-06.jpgLens: Carl Zeiss 50mm F1.4Dolbadarn Castleモノクロ写真-04.jpgDolbadarn Castleモノクロ写真-04.jpgLens: Carl Zeiss 50mm F1.4Wales Sunsetモノクロ写真-16-Edit.jpgWales Sunsetモノクロ写真-16-Edit.jpgLens: Nikkon 18-70mm F3.5-4.5